Beautiful Italy – Procida

It is the small and largely ignored sister of Ischia. The island of Procida, in the shade and is only four square kilometers. This makes it the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples . Just like its big sister has Procida also of volcanic origin. The difference lies in the awareness and thus also in the amount of tourists who find their way to the island every year.Today is the Instituto Nautico on the small island, there are built and designed Mariners vessels and Procida has thus his reputation never lost as a ‘major sea power’ completely.

You can reach the island only by boat, and on arrival at the port of Marina Grande, the beauty of the island is already clear. The water is deep blue and the little house on the quay are pastel blue, pink or yellow sun. Climb to the steep hill towards the church St. Maria delle Grazie, you can admire from there the picturesque fishing port Corricella, which lies in an old volcanic crater.

A total of five beaches are on the island, all of which are covered with fine, black sand. Given many cliffs and hills come gently rolling country. In the villages, the original Italian Life flows through the narrow streets, in the market square is gossiped and traded, drank coffee in the shade and kept a chat.

Tip without much tourism

On the island live only 11,000 residents, and tourism is not yet occurred with full force. Here one can find traditional Italian life, and the waiters can not speak German, a phenomenon, which one does not find in the big tourist resorts.

The island has in addition to the beautiful nature and a colorful and exciting history. At the top of a mountain is the Feudalpalast which served as a prison many years. Here felons and political prisoners were imprisoned under Mussolini antifascists and after the fall of the dictatorship, the fascists themselves. But that’s history now only inhabit seagulls the palace and admire the view of the harbor and the deep, blue sea.

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