Saskatchewan – Canada’s Wild West

Saskatchewan , which is pretty much right in the middle of Canada, undercuts in terms of population density even Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is almost twice the size of Germany, but has only half as many inhabitants as “Meck Pomm”.

Most of the few residents are farmers, some other cowboys here, however, call themselves “Wrangler”. Because we think in this country probably more than a few good jeans.One meets a man such as John, then you might have to smile a little. He almost met every cliché that comes to a wild-beautiful life in solitude to mind. From his big truck comes loud country music and with his sunglasses and his belt buckle could put it easily into a Marlboro advertising. In Prince Albert National Park , he went to Bison tracks. Bisons are what tourists from around the world come to the national park. The burly animals have a good hearing and an excellent sense of smell. They can consider but less well, and it’s all that John and the other often to the benefit. Espy the visiting tourists a herd bison, the journey has been worth it. If that is not enough, opt for a dog sled ride. The complete equipment the requirements are of course ready, but the two exclamation to control – “Ha” for left and “Gee” for right – need to know the participants.


Morris McLachlan is however a good example of the tremendous hospitality that one can experience in Saskatchewan. With boats to transport him and his family tourists all sorts of charming places and tell them about the history of the province. Almost family it comes to then, but that goes for most here by itself, finally does not come every day a traveler so far arrived. He will also receive an authentic insight then at least. Who dares to go to Saskatchewan, which is best to make the trip in the summer – the weather is at its best and also the chances of finding a nice place to stay, are higher.

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