Outsourcing Your Linen Service Needs

For any hotel, fresh linens that are durable and clean are essential. Guests want to feel relaxed and they want to feel well cared for. Outsourcing your linen needs can help you to stay on top of things. It is often more affordable than you think, too. By the time you factor in the cost of laundry machines, paying for staff, and buying the linens, it all adds up quickly. The convenience of outsourcing along with pickup and delivery is worth looking into.

Select the bedding that is a good fit for your hotel. The star level and the décor will influence what you put in place. All bedding needs to fit well and be comfortable to sleep in. With a service provider, older linens showing signs of wear can be disposed of and replaced. This isn’t going to cost you anything extra.

Your hotel is going to need plenty of towels for its rooms. This includes bath towels, hand towels, and wash towels. They should be good quality and soft. Guests aren’t happy when the towels at a hotel are thin and small. Offer them something plush and comfortable to touch their skin. It does make a difference to them.If your hotel has a spa or a swimming pool, you will need plenty of extra towels for these areas. You never want guests to be without a towel. Maintaining a good supply of them on a daily basis is very important. These towels should be soft, clean, and good quality.
Frequency of Services
In order for the process to work well, you need to work out the details with the service provider. Will they come daily to collect the dirty linens and bring you new ones? Or will they do so every other day? Will they bring you a set amount of fresh linens with each delivery or do you customise the order based on your expected occupancy?Make sure all of the details of the services provided, when they will be provided, how they will be provided, and their cost are included in your contract. Don’t leave any room for misinterpretation or miscommunication to hinder your relationship. Ask questions and let your needs be known. As the needs of your hotel change with time, the supplier should offer the flexibility to make sure your needs are continually met.

Find the Right Supplier

There may be several hotel linen suppliers in your area to consider. Make sure you evaluate them before you hire them. Find out what services they provide and the cost involved. Find out what other customers have to say about them too. You need a supplier you can trust, who will offer you clean linens on time, and who is easy to work with. Don’t be in a rush to hire just anyone for such an important job. Take your time to make sure you have the right price and the right provider so that your hotel operates smoothly.

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